I’d been thinking of going to a chiropractor for awhile, but had been wary since I’d never seen one before. I feel incredibly stupid for waiting so long! Just after the first visit I felt immensely better. All the questions I’ve ever asked were well answered, everything that happened was explained so there were no surprises. I am loving feeling ever better after each subsequent adjustment.

Knowing I have alternatives for some chronic issues, instead of using harsh medications, is SUCH a RELIEF!

I am particularly looking forward to the birth of my third child, laboring with everything in its proper place. The adjustments have already made the last two months of my pregnancy way more comfortable!

–Happy Mom

I feel right at home when I walk into BFCW. The office is family friendly office and they are willing to work around our busy schedule. It is the gentle, caring and kind atmosphere that continuously brings me back to their office and makes me feel confident that this is the right practice for me and my family. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Dr. Henneberger is a wealth of knowledge and her professionalism and grace put any patient at ease. She makes you comfortable and confident that you are in good hands. She targets the areas of need while ensuring complete wellness throughout. I went there throughout my entire pregnancy and she relieved me of all the aches and pains. She adjusts my children and husband on a regular basis keeping them healthy and free of illness.


I walked into Dr. Kathleen’s office without an appointment. I was in debilitating pain. The pain was across my upper back, across my chest and down my left arm. I must admit, at the onset of the pain I thought I was having a heart attack. To my good fortune, Dr. Kathleen agreed to see me.

Dr. Kathleen sent me for x-rays prior to my afternoon appointment. The x-ray allowed her to diagnose my pain with certainty. I had two cervical herniated disks, which were constricting the nerve. My chest, back and left arm were in spasm. Dr. Kathleen’s compassion is noteworthy. She thoroughly explained her goal and the method she would use to achieve it. Traction, manipulation, ice, heat and rest relived my pain and within four weeks I was free of pain.

Wellness is a necessary component to wholeness. Dr. Kathleen has taken me on a wellness journey with professionalism, knowledge and kindness. I am grateful to Dr. Kathleen Henneberger and her staff.


A warm, welcoming environment with a friendly receptionist. Appointments were flexible and ran on time. I ran late but they were understanding about traffic.

Immediate relief! Effective treatment. Never have I felt rushed when I presented questions. My concerns were taken seriously.

I am well satisfied with the care I have received here. I have advised friends to meet Dr. Henneberger so she could help them as well. I feel confident that Dr. Henneberger is highly qualified and incredibly knowledgeable. in her medical practices. In addition, she brings a fresh enthusiastic spirit to her art. I am so grateful that she has helped me after my injury.


The practice manager is a delight – friendly, good-humored, and efficient. The office is attractively laid out; enough comfortable seating; A variety of health magazines, and spring water. Dr. Kathleen rarely runs late.

Dr. Kathleen clearly explains what she is doing and answers all questions. Her knowledge of adjustments; a table that proves to stretch you in various ways; the use of hot and cold packs, healing oils, and acupressure – WOW! She is always encouraging. I walk in aching and walk out with a bounce in my step.

I have seen more than half a dozen chiropractors over the past 30 years. I like this practice the best. Dr. Kathleen is truly a holistic practitioner: knowledgeable not only in chiropractic adjustment but in nutrition, supplements, and other aids to relieving back pain.


I find Dr. Henneberger’s office and staff attentive, focused and pleasant and highly ethical. I look forward to my visits.

For years our chiropractic requests were “OK”. Coming to Dr. Henneberger, my husband and I both find our results “exceptional!” Dr. Henneberger’s training and extensive experience and meticulous attention contribute to practice that sets her apart and makes her exceptional and outstanding.

We feel better and are more aware of our bodies. My body feels more fluid. My husband is out of pain, more relaxed, and himself.

–Happy Couple

Doctor Kathleen and I were “chatting” after my adjustment and for no apparent reason, I felt an over whelming need, to share my memory of Aunt Anna. I pleasantly found myself traveling through nostalgia. Ultimately, as it turned out… Aunt Anna was a very important memory.

I come from a close-knit Italian background. Aunt Anna wasn’t really my aunt, but that is what my mother insisted I call her. The elder women took it upon themselves to be the custodian of old tradition. Aunt Anna was the “Master of Candling”. When I had an ear ache, my mother would take me to Aunt Anna to “Candle” my ears and many years later I would take my children to be “Candled” by Aunt Anna.

Aunt Anna would wrap gauze around a pencil and then gently dip the pencil into hot paraffin. When the paraffin was dry, she would remove the pencil and bless the hollow tube (the may sound sill, but that was the European way). She would place a damp towel close to my ear, so that hot ash would never harm me. She gently inserted the paraffin tube into my ear canal and lit the top of the tube with a match. I remember hearing a soft crackling. When the Candling was complete, Aunt Anna would unroll the gauze and magically my earache was gone.

Sharing my story with Doctor Kathleen, on that cold December morning, turned out to be a surprising turn of events. I had no idea Doctor Kathleen was an expert in “Candling”. I felt as if I found Aunt Anna again. My life has been disrupted, for more than twenty years, with chronic Vertigo. Doctor Kathleen candled my ears four times and a life long discomfort was remarkably eradicated!

Forever Grateful,